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Fitness Accountability: How to Almost Guarantee Success in a Fitness Program


How many times have you made a resolution to yourself, whether it be January 1st or March 14th, saying, “This is it, I’m ready to make a change.” Whether you’ve chosen to start eating right, getting in some exercise, or even quitting smoking – any major change is difficult to do without the accountability of a friend. Accountability is crucial in making lifelong changes, especially in the 1st month. And when it comes to working out, sometimes having someone there ready to push the issue if you start slacking is exactly what you need!

If you set a goal to work out at home 4-5 days each week, it can be challenging to stay self-motivated. An effective way to help you stay motivated is to work with an accountability group that will help you to help you stay on top of your health and fitness goals.

Enlist the Knowledge Of A Fitness Specialist who will help you to stay accountable by a talking you through a designated plan of action for both your fitness goals and your dietary goals. They are an impartial source of support, which will challenge you to meet your goals, and help you to acknowledge when you fall short of your commitments. You can look for recommendations from friends and family members, or simply search on the internet. The beauty of modern technology is that you can get reviews of people with the click of a button!

Workout With A Friend. If you work out with a friend, significant other, or even one of your kids, you will feel a greater sense of commitment to showing up for, and participating in the workout times you have agreed upon. If you skip the workout you planned on doing individually you only let yourself down, but if you skip a workout you were going to do with a friend or family member, you let them down too.

Find a Fitness Group Online! This day in age there are tons of online forums with people who have all sorts of similar interests and goals. Spend some time surfing the internet and you’re sure to find others with similar fitness goals looking for some virtual accountability!

Making these two small, yet highly impactful changes to your health and fitness routine, you will see your consistency and level of commitment increase almost instantly. So what are YOU waiting for. Find someone who isn’t going to coddle you, someone who will be firm but fair and get moving and shaking! Your body will thank you for it!

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